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Wednesday, April 7, 2010
Riding into Batemans Bay from an overnight in Cooma was not a very difficult day, however it is a particularly pretty ride. Over Brown Mountain to Merimbula for lunch then up the Sapphire Coast, thru Tilba Tilba (the town they liked so much they named it twice), not to forget Central Tilba, thru Tathra with a stop on the wharf... as I said pretty and not difficult, but I was still happy it was behind us.

I could smell rain and the sky was getting a bit dirty looking, like we were going to get wet if we continued inland up and over Clyde Mountain on the Kings Highway to Braidwood, Bungendore, then Canberra so tonight's rest is real important if we were going to get the following day or two exploring Parliament House, Old Parliament House, The National museum, and more. So we stopped in Batemans Bay for the night.

I've been riding with Peter and Thao of fame showing them a bit of Australia. We met in Tumut then rode the Snowy Mtn. Highway to Cooma then up and over Brown Mountain to the coast for a meal in Merimbula, NSW before heading north to follow our collective noses.

If you've been following my various blogs you will recall that Peter Sever (AKA WheezyRider) contacted me while riding through Nam, Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand looking for info on what to do and see in Australia as their arrival was looming. Their ETA at the time was January, so my advice was 'upon arriving in Darwin get a motel room, lock the door turn the air conditioner on and sleep til April'! Unfortunately for them they were getting down to the last leg of their 2 year, 80,000 KM, 40 Country trip and had to make up some time. I gave Peter a blow by blow itinerary of what in essence, was an early draft of my soon to be released 'Two Wheel Touring Ride Guide 'Shooting The Centre'. they hit Australia armed with things to do, see, and where to stay on the road from Darwin to Adelaide then around the coast up to Sydney. They evidently loved the suggestions as Peter has been raving about it on his own blog.

Somewhat familiar with Batemans, having stayed or ridden through numerous times over the years, I knew we had a challenge ahead. The challenge was not finding a Motel, as there are plenty in and around Batemans but choosing the right one, for the right price.
I decided to head out of the CBD, the theory being I would hit less expensive places by doing so... and I was right. We stopped at the Beach Drive Motel which was part of the Budget Motel chain.

Knowing we had an interesting day ahead and as last night's stay in a Cooma Motel was a bit of a non event saved only by a fantastic meal at Roses Lebanese Restaurant more than made up for the average room and high tariff at The Sovereign Motel, Cooma.  We snapped up the last 2 rooms paying the 'right rate' for each.

The operator was welcoming and and in fact encouraged us to park our bikes under the ample awning in front of our two ground floor rooms. I found the rooms to be huge, well huge for me being on my own this trip! Clean quiet and, with lights off... dark! No neon signs flashing, headlights glaring into the widow from other guests, just a great bed with perfect heating/cooling made the nights rest a good one.

Right next door was an interesting find as well, there was an excellent Thai restaurant with an extensive menu and food you would find in the expensive and exclusive 5 Star restaurants in say Sydney or Melbourne.

Our resident Asian expert Thao was suitably impressed and we enjoyed sharing our 3 well chosen meals before waddling back to our rooms some 300 metres away. Wined dined and stuffed we sat outside our rooms and plotted our attach on the following day.

I can comfortably say that my stay and experience at Beach Drive Motel and the Thai next door would be worth worth going back for. There is also a cafe next to the Thai with good coffee, juice, and fresh sandwiches to help start the following day right before picking up our boots and shoving off again.

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